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Special Projects

Discovering France

Paul Davenport, President Emeritus, retraces the student and alumni bike trips in the Loire Valley which he has led for the past five years. For art lovers, he will be providing insights from his course In the Footsteps of the Impressionists, which he teaches at Western and the University of Toronto. From cathedrals to castles, to Google maps and grapes, there's something for everyone in this blog

Ontario Global Edge Program

The Ontario Global Edge Program gives students an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and the role of small and medium-sized businesses in a global economy. Since 2013, twenty interns have participated in the Ontario Global Edge Program with organizations in Kenya and India. These placements provided opportunities to develop skills in business, leadership, and intercultural communication. Each summer the interns will share their experiences on this blog, and in the fall (during International Week) there will be a presentation to the campus community.

Staff International Engagement (New SIE blog, on Tumblr)

Staff International Engagement (Archived SIE blog, on Typepad)

To encourage global awareness and impact, Western’s Staff International Engagement (SIE) group has established partnerships with several leading development organizations. As Western staff travel the world to share their expertise and learn about and from other cultures they will be using this slice of the web to share their experiences and insights.

Student Experience Blog

Follow second-year students, Brendan and Vivian, as they share their Western experience.

Western Heads East (WHE)

We are extremely pleased to present to you the Western Heads East (WHE) program, The University of Western Ontario's community response to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa. Started in Mwanza, Tanzania, WHE has spawned a sister project currently being set up in Oyugis, Kenya.

Western in Vindolanda

Classics @ Western has a brand new field school; the Vindolanda Field School. This is the pilot year and our 2 faculty members Dr. Elizabeth Greene and Dr. Alexander Meyer have taken 8 Western students on the dig. They have created a blog that they update at least twice daily with photo’s and commentary.

Western in Your World

Western in Your World is a blog to accompany the Off to Western event series hosted by Alumni Western each summer. Its aim is to engage both students and alumni during the summer months as incoming first-year students prepare for Western in the fall.


Western Professional

Make it Our Business

This program teaches employers to prevent workplace domestic violence, supports employees at risk of or currently experiencing abuse and improves workplace health and safety. Local experts are connected with employers to optimize existing resources by building relationships between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Learn to recognize warning signs, respond to domestic violence, and refer victims and abusers to supports that offer help.

Philosophy at Western

This is the blog of the Department of Philosophy at The University of Western Ontario where we share news about department events, research, grants, and more.

Teaching Support Center

The Teaching Support Centre works collaboratively with faculty, graduate students, and staff to advance teaching and learning at The University of Western Ontario.

Thinking is Hard Work

Thinking is hard work. It has taken me a very long time to learn this lesson. I used to imagine an idea and voila, it was a complete thought. But over time, I’ve learned that my immediate thoughts are anything but complete. So this blog is meant to be a place to think, share, evolve and revise ideas. It is a gathering and synthesis of thoughts from random sources of information.


Faculty & Staff

Department of Physics and Astronomy

A forum for discussions of physics and astronomy within and outside of the department

Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty

We’re two feminists in our late 40s who lead active lifestyles and have set ourselves a goal: to be the fittest we’ve ever been in our lives by the time we’re 50. That’ll be on August 31 (Samantha) and September 24 (Tracy) in the year 2014. But we’re also feminists and philosophers, so we want to ask: what does it mean to be fit? What are appropriate measures for the goal? And, from a feminist perspective, in what way(s) does women’s quest for fitness and health contribute to empowerment and/or oppression. You’ll find some posts about our personal approaches to fitness/health, and some posts that are more reflective, critical and meant to challenge common assumptions. We also plan to have fun with the whole thing and hope you do, too.


Ecomyths is a blog designed to help people think for themselves. Empirical data are contrasted with theories to examine axiomatic myths: ideas taken to be so well accepted that they don't need to be proven. It seeks to change ideas, correct fallacies and challenge dominant constructs by having people read, think and reflect for themselves about contemporary issues.

Faculty Tips & Quips

This site is designed for you the Faculty to post questions, answer questions, post tips, rants and or raves. This is your site, I will only respond if comments are posted. Please feel free to email me suggestions for topics!

Forest City Fashionista

A celebration of eye-catching street style in the Forest City

The Skwib

Mark A. Rayner's irregular and explosive weblog -- daily (mostly topical) satire that is sometimes like The Onion and sometimes like Monty Python.



Albert Tai

This blog is filled with contents about computer science and programming especially regarding the field of D3.js!

Death by Trolley

Death By Trolley features articles and original cartoons addressing the North American culture wars, competing value systems, philosophy, religion, church- state and civil liberties issues, cognitive science, healthcare and news media.

Law is Cool


Law Is Cool is a blog and podcast addressing issues related to law school and the legal field with a Canadian focus.

Single Betty

This is for the Betty Crocker in every modern woman, the type of Betty who could probably make a batch of cupcakes from scratch, but would rather spend her time looking at the ceramic mixing bowls in Williams Sonoma, than actually use them. Today’s single Betty is independent, loves life and the people she keeps company with.

A PhD candidate and an activist from London, Ontario.

Andrea E. Wishart

(Biology Graduate Student)

Andrea E. Wishart's blog Appetite for Awesome covers many topics (mostly in the science world) from the point of view of a biology graduate student.



An Organized Existence

Michelle Lynne Goodfellow's life as a professional organizer, featuring posts on organizing, lifestyle coaching, and eco-friendly living.

Carolyne's Pages of Interest

These are things I think are interesting or things I feel my regular readers will be interested in. Perhaps you will be too. I am a female, Canadian, solo, corporate, chemistry, engineering, professional librarian (with an engineering degree). Manager of the Library at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada for the last 18 years.

Conversational Rugby

An coach's musings on the game they play in Heaven.


Visual art, illustrations and musings by Michelle Lynne Goodfellow.

Ghandi's Steakhouse

Random thoughts, rants and raves - many of them contradictory

Laura Kishimoto

You know you're a computer/music/math geek when...

An Ontarian in Newfoundland

I'm an English professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland. This blog is my way of keeping in touch with people -- giving friends and family the option of checking up on me at their leisure without the annoyance of frequent lengthy mass emails.

Pleasure Pure Madmen Know

Sometimes satirical, sometimes serious look at world events.

Pursuit Coach

Rob Di Cesare is a professionally licensed engineer in Ontario and a trained personal life coach.


Blog of Ruth Demitroff's (née Stewart), Arts '73.

Rochelle Mazar

Rochelle Mazar is a librarian at the UTM. She blogs about emerging technologies and their pedagogical uses, library issues, current events, and her research and writing.

Sue's Views on the News

Comments on social inequality and gender issues in the news. Sue McPherson, HBA Sociology '93

Thoughts on Public and Digital History

A blog about public and digital history by Adam Crymble, Webmaster and project developer for NiCHE, a KCL PhD History student, former UWO Public History MA student.

Vancouver Law Librarian Blog

Points of interest to the West Coast Law Librarian. Highlighted sources on KM, Web Development, and Law Library Management.