Launch Checklist

Consistency with the New Style Standards 

Ensure content is marked-up semantically correct and is compliant with the standards of the new CSS. For example, all images have classes applied; lists are either or, and applied correctly, etc
All external links open in a new window.
All internal links open in the same window
The correct font properties are being used: Roboto, blue for links, purple for titles, etc.


The url naming scheme is consistent and comprehensible. The urls are not long, they are legible, and do not contain acronyms or special characters.

Top navigation items have first letters capitalized.
All page titles have first letters capitalized. For example, Outreach Services or Web Style Guide Help.

All of the pages have consistent page titles at the top of the browser window in the following format:

Page title -> Faculty / Support Unit name -> Western University

For example, Client Support -> WTS -> Western University

There’s a physical address, phone and an email address in the footer


Google Analytics code on all pages.
All JavaScript items are working correctly (slideshow, accordions, carousels, etc).
All of the forms are working correctly.
Search form is working correctly and returns results specific to the search (Western or for the specified domain).
The logo is hyperlinked to take users back to the homepage.

Validation and Accessibility 

All images have an ‘alt’ tag. Use
All links are valid. Use


Logos comply with Western branding standards.
There’s a favicon in place.
Banner fonts (if used) are in Benton.
The new (proper) web colour of purple (#4F2683) is used.


The website contains high-resolution imagery optimized for the web.
All photos and graphic elements (icons) have author permission and concur with copyright laws.
The images have an <image> class applied.
The slideshow doesn’t contain more than 5 items.
The slideshow captions are not long.
The social media icons have the new rounded imagery.