Western Events Calendar

events.westernu.ca is Western’s public calendar for sharing campus events. 

The main calendar is accessible from the University’s homepage via a list of current events as well as a link to all upcoming events.

Sub-calendars can also be built on events.westernu.ca for Faculties, Departments, and Units across campus. These sub-calendars can be integrated into Faculty, Department, and Unit websites, as well as used to add events into the main campus calendar.

Please email calendar@uwo.ca to request administrator access to events.westernu.ca. Be sure to include the Faculty, Department, or Unit calendar you need access to and/or require set up. 

Training and Questions

Western Calendar administrator training is available through on-demand video tutorials and supported by step-by-step set-up manuals.  Your Western User ID and Password are required to access these resources.   

Please direct questions about the Western Events Calendar to calendar@uwo.ca.