This layout has been specifically designed for homepages of academic and support unit websites. Besides consistent non-editable regions, this layout incorporates a sideshow banner or a static image banner, the main content area, and the right sidebar. The template offers flexibility in the number and types of elements you can display on the page: photos, graphics, news, feeds, calendar of events, etc. The homepage of your website is the face of your unit and the most important page. It should clearly identify your unit, its purpose, functions, and character. Making this page image-rich and text-light will help achieve maximum visual impact.

Homepage Layout Specifications

  • Page width – 960px
  • Logo / graphic image width – 500px
  • Navigation bar – 940x45px
  • Static banner or slideshow imagery – 1920x600px
  • Content area width – 700px
  • Sidebar width – 210px
  • Footer

Use the buttons below to view different homepages and their different content elements: