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Mustang football offensive line

Photo by Geneviève Moreau, Western Gazette

The origin of the Mustangs name is said to date back to the 1920s.

Two local London newspapers coined various nicknames for sport teams, including “Broncos” for the football team. With past colours of purple, tan and white, the team was even labeled the “Skeletons” at one point. The first reference of the word “Mustangs” was in 1929 by the London Free Press. At the time, the head football coach wanted the team to be called the “Purples.” However, the Western Gazette student paper conducted a poll, and “Mustangs” won against the “Purples.” From then on, “Mustangs” was the official name for the university’s teams.

Exert by Andrew Hawley, The Fulcrum

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Purple Mustang