New Social Media

There are a few steps to launching a new social media account, channel or profile at Western University.

Step One

Review Western's strategy and guidelines for the social media site(s) that you are considering:

Step Two

Review Western's style guide for all social media content published on an account or page affiliated with Western or any of its departments, programs or initiatives.

Step Three

Review the daily process and responsibilities for all Western social media accounts and profiles.

Step Four

At this point, you may contribute pilot posts one at a time to your communications officer. These will be considered for the umbrella social media accounts for your Faculty or Department, and will allow you to work together with your communications officer, hands on with real posts that strive to meet the strategy and style guide. 

If you do not have a communications officer, or do not know who they might be, you can submit your posts to Western Communications at

Step Five

Complete the social media worksheet. This will guide you through defining the content strategy, roles and responsibilities of the new social media account or profile. It will also provide the details that Western Communications will need to properly feature your content on Western's umbrella accounts. 

Step Five can be done concurrently with Step Four.