Please Note: New social media accounts (including Instagram accounts) fall under Western's New Social Media process, in partnership with your Communications Officer and Western Communications.


  • Instagram has 800M Monthly Active Users (500M Daily Active Users)
  • 25,000 – 35,000 impressions / @westernuniversity feed post 
  • 10,000 impressions / @westernuniversity story post
  • Highest engagement of all platforms at Western.
  • Areas for Success: Stories.


Western has an official Instagram account (@westernuniversity) that is used school-wide, as well as specialized accounts including:


Western also uses the following official hashtags: #westernu, #offtowesternu (future students), #purpleandproud (alumni), #westernuCreates (visual arts), #westernuRezLife, #bewellwesternu (wellness) and #gradlifewesternu (grad students & SGPS).

We are building a network of Instagram accounts (and hashtags) built on audiences, subjects and experiences - rather than reflecting our organizational structure by creating accounts for individual departments or units. 

Questions about Instagram at Western University can be directed to You can also contact this address to pitch content for the @westernuniversity account.


Pitching @westernuniversity

@westernuniversity is a platform for your portfolio’s stories, campaigns & messages:
  • 25,000+ impressions per post (feed)
  • 10,000+ impressions per post (story)
  • Sharing stories & moments from any portfolio or voice on campus
    • 1-2 posts per day (feed); scheduled in Buffer
    • 1 story per day; scheduled in Basecamp

We Post Big, Beautiful, Purple.

  • Big: Full size, straight from the camera. (3MB max for social media)
  • Beautiful: in focus, well lit, composed.
  • Purple: Reflect Western places, people or culture.

 Pitching an Instagram Post:

  1. Contact social@uwo.cawith the idea (optional, but helps save you time).
  2. Submit photo (or video) with supporting caption to
    (if accepted, will take up to a week to publish).


Staff with access can directly schedule posts into @westernuniversity’s queue for approval.

Pitching an Instagram Story:

  1. Contact with the idea and date (important!)
  2. Accepted pitches go into the Editorial Calendar on Basecamp.
  3. Submit photos (or videos) to 
    • Order of photos & videos must be clearly indicated in file names.
    • Include captions/text in the photo files (Photoshop).
    • Include list of interactive elements to be added for each (hashtags, geo-locations, polls).


Once you’ve completed one or two stories successfully by submission, you can expect to receive direct access to build and publish your stories on the @westernuniversity account.



New Account Process

  • Review Western’s Strategy, Guidelines & Style Guide.
  • Review Western’s Social Media Responsibilities.
  • Publish posts on an already existing account, and evaluate.
  • Update your unit’s Social Media Worksheet to include Instagram, and contact to discuss content strategy & launch.



Photography Tips

Frank Neufeld, Paul Mayne & Scott May

  • DO use natural light; DON’T use your flash.
  • DO move closer (or move your subject closer); DON’T use zoom.
  • DO focus your shot.
  • DO take more than one option (backup, wide, tall, close, far, video).
  • DO use the rule of thirds.
  • DO change your angle (go up, get low).
  • DO develop your photos (Lightroom); DON’T over-filter/destroy your image data.
  • DO take panoramas & live photos/videos.