Facebook Ads

Required: To create Facebook Ads on behalf of Western University, you will require access to a Facebook account linked to an @uwo.ca email address

When purchasing Facebook Ads, it is essential that you disable the i) Audience Network and ii) Instant Articles placements and limit your ad destinations to Facebook and Instagram. Do not extend your ads to their Audience Network of external sites.

Before You Start

Contact social@uwo.ca providing the @uwo.ca email address that is linked to your Facebook account, and request to be set up as a Western Facebook Advertiser.

Tip: Keep Ads Conversational

Your target audience will see your ads in their Facebook Newsfeeds, along with posts from their friends and family. Picture a member of your target audience in your head, and then try to imagine the words you would use with them on the phone or in person.

"Whenever a company or brand speaks, we’ve all been trained from growing up in front of the TV to tune out the message. We block out ad speak. Anytime I’m doing an ad, I like to think the way humans speak. When you’re talking that way, peoples’ defenses are lowered. They know you’re not just totally full of crap."

- Gerry Graf, Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Barton F. Graf 9000


  1. Go to: https://business.facebook.com/WesternUniversity?business_id=10152630702597795
  2. Click "Promote" in the top right corner
    Promote button is located directly to the right of the Page Banner
  3. From the dropdown list of options, select "Promote Website"
  4. Complete the onscreen form to create your ad.
    Note: You will not be able to add advanced targeted at this stage (i.e. Western Alumni)
  5. Once your ad has been approved by Facebook, add your advanced targeting with these steps:
    • Go to your Ads Manager: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage
    • Click "Campaigns" in the left column
    • Click "Ad Sets"
    • Click on the ad set you'd like to edit
      Click on the hyperlinked name of the ad set
    • Click on the gear icon next to post engagements
      Click on the blue gear or settings icon
    • You should now see a section for Budget, Scheduled & Optimization and one for Targeting & Placement. Click the small pencil (edit) icon next to each to edit your preferences.
    • Click "Save" once you've made your changes