AODA for Cascade CMS

The Cascade template that was redesigned in 2012, complies with the AODA requirements (Level A). However, there are some things that you, as a web editor / developer, need to do on an ongoing basis to make your website conform with the requirements.

  • Provide appropriate, equivalent alternative text for non-text elements
    • Cascade is designed to ask you for alt tags. When prompted make sure that you include appropriate alt tags for images. For tips on writing good alt tags, refer to Section 1.1.1 of the Level A Compliance page.
    • Add descriptive labels to form elements: <label for="name">Name</label>
    • Add text labels to form inputs: <input id="name" type="text" name="text field">
  • Properly structure page content using appropriate markup:
    • <h1> should be followed by <h2>;
    • Paragraphs should be surrounded by <p> tags;
    • Tables should not be used for layout;
    • Include captions and summaries for tables
      • <table summary="A table that details expenses paid for by the purchasing group over the past 12 months.">
      • <caption>2016 Expense Reports</caption>
      • <tr>
      • <th>Faculty Member</th>
      • </tr>
      • ...
  • Use descriptive page titles that describes the page's topic or purpose, for example:
    • Registration for Dr. Marin's Lecture
  • Indicate required fields in forms
  • Provide descriptive text instructions for filling out forms
  • Use strong visual metaphors or text to convey context instead of relying on colour, visual, or audio instructions
    • Do not rely on audio instruction like "Click Next to continue"
    • Do not rely on instructions that require sight to understand like "Click the red button" OR "See the link above"
  • Use video players that have clearly-identifiable Play, Pause, and Stop controls
  • Rely on well-written and well-designed content to convey context and intention instead of blinking or moving content
  • Use breadcrumbs and anchor links to help users navigate and determine where they are, particularly in pages with lots of content
  • Website elements should behave in ways that are predictable for users
    • Indicate if links will behave in unexpected ways (download .PDFs, .docs, etc. or if content will open content in pop-up windows)

If you have any questions about implementation of any of the guideline criteria for your Cascade site, please contact ITS Cascade team its-help[at]