Western News Style Guide

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The Western News Style Guide is designed to offer consistency and clarity in writing style for all content developed by Western Communications. While developed specifically for Western Communications, the guide is available to all members of the Western community as a helpful reference. Style rules for formal material such as letters, invitations, certificates and the like can differ from these guidelines.

If not listed in this guide, Western follows The Canadian Press (CP) for style and Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English for spelling. Deviations and variations from these external references specific to Western can be found in the Western News Style Guide.

We consider this a living document that will be updated on an ongoing basis, when necessary.

How to use this guide

This guide is divided into three chapters: Acronyms; Capitalization; and Writing styles and format. Each chapter offers style and writing guidelines on some of the more commonly used words and phrases in Western News stories and Western-related content.

For easy reference, important keywords are bolded and ordered alphabetically. Each numbered line pertains to usage, style and formatting related to these keywords.

Please forward questions, comments, additions or concerns to newseditor@uwo.ca.

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