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Recognized as one of the safest campuses in Canada, Western is taking steps to further entrench a culture of safety. The Safe Campus Community initiative assists all campus members to understand the important role we all play in the key areas of physical, emotional, environmental and cyber safety.


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University, student leadership decry racist tweet - Feb. 11th, 2015

Western officials are reaffirming the university's zero-tolerance stance against racial slurs after an unauthorized user posted a racist tweet to a Western Student Recreation Centre Twitter account earlier this week.

On Monday night, an unauthorized user accessed a Western Student Recreation Centre computer in the weight room and logged into a Twitter account run by staff to post information on the number of people using the area. That unauthorized user then posted a single racist tweet under the weight room account, @WesternWeightRm.

Staff deleted the tweet soon afterward. In a later tweet, they acknowledged the breach and indicated it would be investigated.

Although unclear how many people viewed the tweet, students and faculty raised concerns with the message to university administrators and Campus Community Police Service.

Following an investigation, police identified and interviewed a male student regarding tweets on Tuesday. That student has since been removed from residence and banned from campus for seven days.

"This isn't tolerated. Period. There is no place for racism at Western," said Angie Mandich, acting associate vice-president (student experience). "This goes against our values, as well as our student code of conduct."

Western's Code of Student Conduct explicitly prohibits students from "engaging in conduct that is, or is reasonably seen to be, humiliating or demeaning to another person or coercing, enticing or inciting a person to commit an act that is, or is reasonably seen to be, humiliating or demeaning to that person or to others."

The accused student will face a hearing under the code and may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the university. This is a confidential process, Mandich stressed, so details including name and final judgment will not be publicly released.

Today, Western administrators and student leaders have been quick to denounce the message.

"The language is nothing short of hate speech, and is absolutely not tolerated on Western's campus," Matt Helfand, University Students' Council president, said. "It is deeply troubling a member of our campus community would commit such an offense. Your University Students' Council is deeply committed to ensuring that Western's campus continues to be an inclusive learning environment that is free from hatred of this kind. Yet, an incident such as this is a stark reminder of the vigilance necessary in dealing with this sort of behaviour.

"Fostering a safe campus community requires effort, and collaboration."

Larissa Bartlett, Equity & Human Rights Services director, applauded those on campus who spoke out quickly and loudly against the tweet.

"A tweet of this nature is of serious concern to a campus which prides itself as one where diversity, safety and respect for each individual are valued," she said. 'To those who spoke out and named this racist tweet for what it is, your voices were heard and are being acted upon. Western assures you it will take immediate actions to ensure the individuals involved will be held accountable."

Two Rec Centre accounts have been temporarily suspended from use during this investigation.

LOCK 'em UP!!! Remember to lock your bikes

Over the past couple of weeks there have been several bicycles thefts from University grounds. Generally the chain holding the bicycle is cut with a bolt cutter but those secured with a U lock seem to be avoided. If you seen anyone acting suspiciously please call 519-661-3300 from a cell phone or 911 from a campus phone.
For those wishing to improve bike security please contact Parking Services for a ‘secure’ locker. The lockers are $10 per month, are at various locations, and can be rented in 4 month blocks.

Weather warning system now operating

Western is prepared to sound the alarm – literally.

With an average of 70 tornadoes touching down in populated regions of Canada each year, a new preparedness tool to ensure the safety of students, staff, faculty and members of the surrounding campus community will give folks a heads up when needed. More.

New mental health website provides guide to campus resources

Stress is a normal part of university, and can be a helpful motivator. However, multiple or unexpected stressors, or lack of sufficient coping strategies and too little sleep may lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Western has a number of services and resources that can assist you in managing stress and mental health concerns. The Mental Health @ Western website will direct you to mental health services and information available on campus.

Student Health Services offers tips for parents concerned about student's mental health (posted Jan. 2011)

Mental health and managing stress effectively are important to academic success. Long hours, too little sleep, too much caffeine, poor diet, a changing environment and much, much more may trigger a change in mental health for students. Postsecondary students fall into the highest risk age group for mental illnesses, which is 15- 24 years of age. Learn more about how to observe for signs of concern in your son or daughter.


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